Roadmap Wind Seeds

Epoch 0

The Elyseos DAO has a rhythm to its operations known as Epochs. At the beginning of each Epoch we have an opportunity to set growth, engagement, service delivery and other goals. At the end of each Epoch there is a further issuance of ELYS tokens. Epochs length is determined via a vote by DAO governance and last from 6-18 months.

Best Gear in Town

Muti Market

  • September 2021
    Auction Contracts Escrow Contracts
  • October 2021
    Auctions Test Launch (Private)
  • November 2021
    Auctions Test Launch (Public)
  • December 2021
    Vendor Reviews
  • January 2022
    Direct Bridging Other Crypto

The Muti Market is the belly of Elyseos. This is the engine room of moving sacraments around the world and getting them to the people who need to work with them. Marketplaces are a key junction of many-to-many connection.

The Muti Market will start with bulk auctions every Wednesday as a way of onboarding larger volume buyers and sellers and then eventually evolve to a fully fledged online bazaar. We will manage legal compliance via community moderation and ELYS staked by vendors.