Greets You With Joy

Elyseos is a decentralized ecosystem for Sacramental Medicine exploration co-creating a more fair society, and maturing our human culture. Sacramental medicines include psychedelic plants, fungi and other altered state inducing practices.

As people search for effective longer lasting agents of deep healing so Sacramental Medicines are bursting into the mainstream. The risks in this emergence and popularization is dilution, corruption, decay, colonization, centralization, control and capture. Middlemen and ‘authorities’ can excessively appropriate the value generated while excluding dedicated servants, discoverers and long time practitioners.

The Elyseos DAO is here to support this evolving ecosystem with rewarding of integrity, fair access to capital, access to markets and positive compassionate feedback loops incentivizing collaboration and decentralization.

This ecosystem will use a utility token - ELYS which you can buy on ZooDEX. To buy ELYS you will need MetaMask installed with the Fantom Opera network active on it.

Honor to our allies and teachers, the Master Sacraments, the Blessed Medicines, the Wisdom Poisons. The animal, fungi and plant guides who show us the way with such fierce grace and unwavering compassion. May we serve you well.

Wings & Roots

Getting going is not easy in the best of environments. In the Sacramental Medicine space a lot of what other projects take for granted is hard to come by.  Wings & Roots supplies launch fundamentals such as launchpad, a crowdsale platform, an incubator.

Wings and Roots will also host a studio where skilled service providers will offer services in exchange for ELYS. Ranging from package designers to grow operation consultants to extraction experts - all that a budding medicine start-up needs.

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Muti Market

All vendors of plant medicines have stories about accounts suspended or payment providers cancelling them. Muti Market is a decentralized marketplace for supply and trade in sacramental medicines. Non-custodial wallets, physical delivery secured via escrow, staking to ensure good actors, intelligent reputation & insurance market.

Muti Market also implements protocols to moderate illegal offers - we don't agree with prohibition yet our mission of maturing humanity means that de-regulation must happen along with education and evolution of human systems.

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Thou Art

Unlocking the full potential of Sacramental Medicine becomes much easier when there are introductions by those who have already walked the pathways and kept the stories alive. At the same time we must acknowledge that education can be captured by agendas political or subtle.

Thou Art offers a meeting place between devotion and sovereignty, purifying transmission of skills and knowledge with wisdom. This is the place for study, collective exploration, unlearning, and teach-learning and learn-teaching in realm of being human and living in this world.

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ELYS Token

ELYS is on the Fantom Network - a high capacity, very affordable, fast and smart contract capable distributed platform . ELYS is a very elegant form of money, it not only helps to fund creation of our eco-system but builds in transparency and fairness.

Apart from its technological merits we also feel there is a great case for ELYS to be chosen as the primary currency in this realm. While payment for Sacramental Medicine goods and services can be made in many different ways, using ELYS means positive feedback loops back into the community.

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Thokoza Bokayé

Unlike so many other crypto projects Elyseos is very much about things also happening in the physical world not just in the virtual sphere. Projects need to be vetted, disputes investigated, ELYS changed into Fiat and the ecosystem supported.

Thokoza Bokayé is a group of on the ground peer-reviewed agents both incentivized by ELYS and with skin in the game through staked ELYS who can facilite actions in the world and feedback into the network.

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Medicine Basket

A native easy-to-use ELYS wallet to help with onboarding people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Elyseos' mission will require helping people who are hardly using online platforms at all skip a generation directly into our decentralized ecosystem.

The Medicine Basket will be more than a wallet also eventually allowing sharing, tracking, trading and studying - as the mobile front end to the other faculties.

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Wisdom Holders

These are the ones who helped grow us up and make us strong. If including those who did this work before us was not a central piece in this co-creation then we would have failed before we begun.

Elyseos has set aside 30% of all tokens from Epoch 1 onwards for distribution to the wisdom holders - not only tokens of gratitude yet also with intent to educate, include and share in this co-creation.

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Elyseos Foundation

The Foundation holds key responsibility especially early in the emergence of Elyseos. Governance is challenging and requires iteration and testing over a length of time before we can ensure it serves the interests we are called to support.

So the foundation, as well as providing the necessary human power, also guides and guards the essence and potential of what we are bringing about with this play.

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