Introducing Elyseos

Elyseos is a decentralized ecosystem for Sacramental Medicine exploration co-creating a more fair society, and maturing our human culture.

“Sacramental Medicines” includes ancient and new practices, substances and compounds for decolonizing consciousness such as psychedelic plants, fungi and other forms of deep intentional life changing praxis.

Sacramental Medicines are:

~ Complex and mystical – they are more than the sum of their constituents chemical or otherwise.

~ Ancient – Humans have been using them as medicine for thousands of years.

~ Profound – The effects are far more than the alleviation of symptoms but often use lasting lifestyle change to eliminate the root causes of disharmony.

~ Sacred – They work far best when engaged in a spirit of deep conscious intentionality and respect

In a very challenging time for Humanity, when we face a multitude of existential challenges there is a massive global revival in the use of these medicines. This is happening because many people are being deeply helped by them and encouraging friends and family to do the same. This revival has been purely by word of mouth based on profound shifts.

As the revival grows so more users, practitioners, suppliers, growers are entering the space. Serving and sharing these medicines requires tremendous skill, courage, presence and compassion. Yet despite the intensity of this work the environment is not supportive. These medicines and their users are naturally resistant to colonization, capture and control but this has meant that the work around them lacks infrastructure and resource. Payments, access to capital, technical access, training and many other basic services are all much more restricted than other fields.

This is where the Elyseos DAO will serve. The ecosystem will allow people to explore, learn, teach, supply, facilitate, procure and integrate their work with Sacred Medicines. It will do this by building on the incredible work done in the Crypto space in creating trustless decentralized ecosystems.

A wonderful meeting between one unregulated sphere so ancient it is forgotten by the mainstream and another unregulated sphere just birthing and completely nascent. The shamanic medicines and the traditions around their use offer access to a very ancient wisdom, and a deep settled sense of place,, beingness and lineage. While the light speed world of cryptocurrency brings an electric aliveness and boundless reach and transmission. The one matures our impeccability the other facilitates transparency and integrity via fully visible immutable ledgers.

Elyseos has a commitment to:

~Honoring and Respect – The sacred nature of these medicines and the organisms they come from and the communities who have studied and protected them

~Non-Colonialism – Disincentivisitng extractive and controlling behavior and instead acknowledging and creating space for traditional wisdom holders and OG explorers

~Decentralisaion – Building in such a way that prevents capture, rent seeking and unfairness

~Participation – Creating governance structures that allow all voices to be heard and their feedback to be woven in to

~Legality – Elsyeos is not a blockchain Silk Road. We wish to see prohibition of certain sacraments ended but our mission of maturing humanity means that this must happen along with education and evolution of human systems .

Honor to our allies and teachers, the Master Sacraments, the Blessed Medicines, the Wisdom Poisons. The animal, fungi and plant guides who show us the way with such fierce grace and unwavering compassion. May Elyseos serve you well.