Getting ELYS – A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Get Metamask
Metamask is a software cryptocurrency wallet that can interact with the Fantom blockchain. You can access your wallet through a browser extension or the metamask mobile app.

Go to to download metamask as a browser extension or a mobile app.
If you downloaded metamask as a browser extension on your computer, click extension and pin it for ease of use.
Click on the extension to get started
Click on ‘create wallet
When the usage data comes up, click ‘No Thanks’
Set up a password and create your wallet
VERY IMPORTANT – A 1.35 minute video will show up for you to watch about your seed recovery phrase. Watch it as this is important in securing your wallet.
Write down your recovery phrase on a few pieces of paper and store in several places. This password is your access to your funds.
Click ‘reveal secret phrase’
Write down your secret phrase
Click ‘Next’
Order the words according to your unique phrase by clicking on the boxes one at a time
Click ‘All Done’.

Metamask on Fantom
Metamask is set-up on the Ethereum network by default.
As ELYS is on the Fantom Network we need to make sure that Metamask is set-up to use Fantom.
GO HERE for quick & easy steps to set-up your metamask wallet on Fantom.

Step 2: Buy Fantom (FTM)
Option 1: Buy Fantom on Binance
Open a Binance Account
FTM is the native coin of the Fantom Network. ELYS is running on Fantom. We chose Fantom because it is extra fast, scalable and very affordable. To buy ELYS, you will need Fantom.

Binance is a centralised exchange where you can buy FTM.
After Buying Fantom on Binance you will need to transfer it to your Metamask wallet via the Fantom Network.
If you have cryptocurrency on the Binance network you can either a) deposit existing crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum) into your Binance Wallet or b) buy crypto with fiat currency (government-issued currency)

Option A: Deposit Crypto
Click ‘Wallet’ ->’Overview’. Here you will see your balance.
Click on Deposit -> ‘Crypto Deposit’ -> ‘BTC’ option -> Choose the ‘Bitcoin Network’ -> Copy the Bitcoin Address.
Go to wherever you have Bitcoin on another network & do a transfer from that wallet by pasting the Bitcoin address (from Binance) into the recipient address.
Wait for BTC to land in your wallet.
If you already have existing BTC or Ethereum in your Binance Wallet, skip the above steps and go to the next step.

Convert BTC into FTM
Click -> ‘Trade’ -> ‘Convert’
Select convert from: ‘BTC’ to: ‘FTM’.
Select a specific amount or click -> MAX to convert all BTC into FTM.
Click on WALLET to check your FTM balance. Transactions tke less than 10 minutes.
Withdraw FTM into Metamask Wallet
Click -> ‘Withdraw’. Click on your Metamask extension or go to the app on your phone -> Copy your Metamask wallet address ->
Paste it into the address section (double check the first few and last few digits of the address match – i.e make sure the address is correct. It’s always useful to go slowly with this process when you’re a beginner.
Under ‘Network’, choose FTM -> MAX amount (or specify amount)
Click -> ‘Withdraw’
Check the details and click ‘Continue’.
Put in the verification codes – 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is recommended.

Option b: Buy crypto with fiat currency
The easiest way is to use a credit or debit card.
You cannot buy Fantom with a credit or debit card so follow the prompts to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Step 2.1 Buy Fantom on Spookyswap
Spookyswap is a decentralised exchange on Fantom (FTM). The platform is the biggest exchange on Fantom. You can use the bridge on Spooky to move coins like ETH or USDC to the Fantom network. Then you can use the exchange to change them for Fantom. USDC is a token on the Ethereum network which is a stable coin backed by the US Dollar. Spooky has very low gas (transaction fees), which is one of the reasons why it’s a great platform to swap ETH or USDC into FTM.

Make sure you have added USDC as a token in your Metamask wallet . Go to your metamask wallet -> Copy the address -> Go to where your ETH or USDC is -> Send the ETH or USDC to your metamask wallet address.
Go to
Click on -> ‘Bridge’ -> Choose from ‘ETH’ to ‘FTM’ -> Click on your Metmask extension and choose Ethereum Mainnet -> Select token – USDC -> Choose the amount that you want to bridge and click ‘Bridge’.
The transaction will appear in your metamask wallet extension and ask you to confirm -> Click ‘Confirm’. The transaction will take a few minutes to appear in your Metamask wallet.
You now have USDC on the Fantom Opera Network in your Metamask Wallet.

Switch back to the Fantom Opera Network in your Metamask Wallet
Make sure you’re still in the Fantom Opera Network.
Go to Swap on SpookySwap -> Swap from ‘USDC’ -> To ‘FTM’ -> Click ‘Approve USDC’
Confirm the transaction in your Metamask Wallet.
Once it’s approved Click ‘Swap’ in SpookySwap, the transaction will pop up in Metamask to be approved.

Step 4: Swap Fantom for ELYS
Go to
Click on the number in the top left-hand corner of the page, next to the Fantom symbol. This will take you to Zoodex where you can see the trading and movement details of the ELYS token.
Click -> ‘Token Info’ -> A smaller pop-up box will appear. Click -> the FTM price of ELYS (box with arrow next to ELYS) to go to the chart of ELYS to FTM on Fantom Scan.
Copy the contract address -> Go to the Metamask extension in your browser -> ‘Assets’ -> ‘Add token’.
Paste the ELYS contract address in the relevant field. The token symbol and token decimal will appear automatically. Click -> Add Token to finish off.
Go back to the website and Click ‘Swap @Zoodex’ -> ‘ZooDex ELYS -FTM’.
Fill in how many FTM you would like to swap for ELYS.
Click ‘Swap’.
Your Metamask Wallet will pop up to confirm the transaction.
After a few minutes you should be able to see the ELYS in your Metamask Wallet.