Frequently Asked Questions

Is a marketplace for Psychoactive Plants legal?

While the psychoactive plants are just a part of the Elyseos ecosystem they occupy an important place and their power requires care. 

There are some good practices in the fairly long established clearweb market for legal plant psychedelics via companies selling raw plant material legal jurisdiction - legal jurisdiction and actually quite a lot of raw plant material on sale via eBay and Amazon.  The big challenges are more often payment and shipment than legalities - as banks and credit card providers tend to be less than helpful.

There are fairly comprehensive lists of what is legal where even via wikipedia. Sometimes the extract is illegal but the plant containing it is perfectly legal (i.e. San Pedro cactus) or the spores are legal while the fungi is not (i.e Psilocybin containing mushrooms).

Managing this in a decentralised manner is providing some interesting head scratching mostly we are considering asking vendors to self manage and creating skin in the game via a staking process where bad behavior results in financial penalties determined by the DAO (we are having to do a lot of governance modelling).  Also looking into pre-listing community moderation for new vendors like many of the NFT sites use to avoid NSFW content.

Working with vendors is going to be key - luckily being able to offer rewards and via reward multipliers incentivize good dealing, fair-trade, sustainable growing, organic farming etc... is going to be massive.  The De-Fi Yield farming scene has been such an education as so much of the behavior incentivisation and motivation levers they are pushing are also applicable to physical products.  It’s going to be so interesting to see how it plays out.

To be clear we are not trying to create a blockchain silk road.  Psychedelics are legalizing and we are participating in that emergence.

These are the kind of organizations we are  aligning with:https://maps.org/


How do you manage Legal issue on a Decentralized Marketplace?

The vendor marketplace is just one part of Elyseos but in some ways will be the most challenging because of the physical product angle. A few ways to stop selling of substances to jurisdictions where they are not legal which we are building:

  • Community moderation of vendor listings. An engaged community who have skin in the game via holding tokens is the best way to monitor what vendors are doing.

  • Staking for vendors until proven.  New vendors have to stake a significant amount of ELYS until they are proven. If judicial determines they have been "Bad Actors" their stake gets burned. This is not just for illegal dealing, but for deception in quality of product, non shipment etc

The plants with legal issues are actually smaller and smaller part of the mix. There are many amazing new substances such as Blue Lotus, Silene Capensis, Sceletium Tortosum which are all totally legal  everywhere yet little known.  

Part of the promise of crypto is to enable broader freedom for humans.   Yet we are also not naive - we have to push the envelope not set it on fire.

So Does Elyseos Accept Prohibition?

We categorically do not support prohibition. 5% of all ELYS minted from Epoch 1 onwards will be allocated to a legal fund for challenging non-useful, outdated laws and to provide protection for community members if needed.