Timing is Everything

The Elyseos DAO has a rhythm to its operations known as Epochs.  At the beginning of each Epoch we have an opportunity to set growth, engagement, delivery and other goals, at the end of each Epoch there is a further issuance of ELYS tokens. Epochs:

~ Are a way of grounding the immense amount going on in the Elyseos ecosystem.

~ Support the roadmap of development, growth, comms and general evolution.

~ Create a rhythm to the maturation of the ELYS token price similar to the Bitcoin halvings.

~ Allow a reset in participation and balancing between the stakeholders. ELYS token holders, Community members and the Foundation.

~ Give us a staged distribution of authority away from the Elyseos Foundation.

~ Are a good reason for a party!

After 6 months a public vote (Poll 1) will be conducted about ending the EPOCH. If the vote is positive (50.1% respondents vote ‘yes’) the Epoch is ended and the scheduled release of ELYS happens. If Poll 1 is negative another Poll (Poll 2) is held in 3 months time and so on until 18 months has passed

~ 6 months - Poll 1

~ 9 months - Poll 2

~ 12 months - Poll 3

~ 15 months - Poll 4

~ 18 months - Epoch ends

We are now in Epoch 0 - "Wind Seeds" . Epoch 0 is about establishing key tools, relationships and infrastructure in preparation for Epoch 1.