Ending The Epoch of Wind Seeds?

We are currently in Elyseos Epoch 0 otherwise known as “Wind Seeds”. On the 22 of February 2022 it will be 6 months since the launch of Elyseos and thus it means it is time for the first “End of Epoch?” Poll. Namely — should we now end Epoch 0 and enter Epoch 1?

To help your consideration about this decision 3 things need to be considered:

1. What were the intentions for Epoch 0?

2. Where are we with regards to meeting those intentions?

3. What does it mean to move from one Epoch to another?

This will be our first real test of governance — although voting in the art contest was fun! The decision is made by 3 stakeholders:

– Token Holders — 40% weighting

– DAO Members — 30% weighting

– Foundation — 30% weighting

The vote by token holders will take place on snapshot here running from 22/02/2022–27/02/2022


The vote by DAO members will take place in the Elyseos Discord here: https://discord.com/channels/851726276992696370/945965236656173126

The Elyseos Foundation will conduct an internal dialogue and report its decision and reasoning back to the DAO via all our comms channels.

What Are the Intentions for Epoch 0?

Epoch 0 is named “Wind Seeds”, it is about the seeds of the frequency that is Elyseos being carried by the winds. 35 Million initial $ELYS was minted to allow us to start working with the token and working with the ecosystem. Epoch 0’s intentions were:

– Establishing the Foundation, getting the right team in place and helping them find their true roles and discover how to be effective within those roles.

– Establishing the DAO, mapping initial frameworks for participation and governance

– Exploring what technology we need to build to support the ecosystem and finding the best ways to do that

– Getting the ELYS token established and liquid and allowing ease of entrance and exit into economic participation in the ecosystem

– Forming the different arms of Elyseos, setting intentions for them, figuring out who will champion them

Where are we with regards to meeting those intentions?

From a very left brain assessment point of view I would give the following scores

Foundation 7/10

Apart from 3 or 4 gaps the team is nearly complete, roles are well defined and we are working together smoothly. Internal systems and tools are evolving and productivity and understanding increase every week.

DAO 3/10

There has been very little participation as of yet from the broader community. We have found ourselves a little too esoteric for many Crypto types and a little too Technological for many spiritual and psychedelic types. This is the great bridging and educational effort we are engaged in.

The score would be lower but we have made good progress with tools and infrastructure for the DAO to use so the tools and communications channels are in place just without much traffic yet.

Technology 5/10

We have made an excellent start with both creating and mapping out some of the key building blocks we will need. Building smart contracts which are not just copy-paste is hard work and we are creating foundations which many others will build upon.

Although a good start has been made there is a tremendous amount still to accomplish — even in the process of mapping out what to do, what not to do and what we need to prioritise.

Token 4/10

Our count of holders/traders/buyers/sellers has been very static for the Cryptoverse.

As a positive a lot of our backers have locked tokens up for a long time and are clearly with us for the long haul. External funding began in the beginning of Feb and the first couple of large backers have entered the ecosystem.

On the downside our total liquidity is low (around $35,000), there is not much growth in the number of holders, we are not whitelisted on many exchanges and in general $ELYS remains very under the radar even in the Fantom cryptosphere.

Arms of Elyseos 4/10

While some arms such as the Marketplace and the Communications channel have great traction and energy around them certain others have a vision but in terms of practical grounding have not truly started yet.

So those are the ratings — from a gut feeling point of view, Elyseos is finding its place and many seeds have landed in fertile soil, others are still up in the air and some need to be washed off rocks and down river to find their correct place. The sense is more exploration time is needed to prepare and get ready before a large influx of new energy in the move to Epoch 1.

What Does it Mean to Change Epochs?

Practically the most significant result of an Epoch change is that further ELYS are released. Epoch 1 mints a further 90 000 000 ELYS to be distributed over the duration of the Epoch. These ELYS are distributed:

* To Wisdom Holders

* As Community rewards: Vendors, Buyers, Seahorses (our independent agents), Artists in our gallery, Partners

* To the Foundation

* As prizes and grants: Elyseos Ecosystem, Legal and Research.

Philosophically the change of Epoch means a change in our approach and focus. While Epoch 0 is about exploration and discovery about finding fertile soils to bed down in, Epoch 1 is moving from seeding to sprouting. This entails a sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle change in the focus and form of engagement.

Metaphysically the change of Epoch means a calling in of new allies, frequencies, prayers and geometries. It means we have established the arcanas and created the extra dimensional container necessary to handle an upshift in attention (from all realms) and power that will enter.

The Elyseos Foundation’s Opinion?

Nope. No. Uh-uh.

We don’t think we are ready to leave Epoch 0 yet. There is much exploration and early manifestation still to do and we need more time to do it and stabilize before a big influx of new energy.

Epoch 1

If the vote is “no” and we do not yet start Epoch 1 — perhaps now is a good time to start considering more deeply what Epoch 1 will entail? What should its name be? What are our goals? How will we know if we have achieved them?

Also would it not also be wonderful if dialogue about later votes is not just presented via my opinion as a Foundation member but the opinions of others within the DAO, Token holders and community members as relevant stakeholders!