Elyseos NFT Art Competition Winners

From the 22nd of September – 20th October 2021, we ran an Art Competition to celebrate The Spring Equinox. The theme was ‘Bridging Polarities’ – fitting for the nature of an Equinox!

We received over 50 magical submissions, which we shortlisted to 30 for a community vote in our Discord Server. The Top 3 Artworks received 11 000, 8000 & 5000 ELYS and we gifted 1000 ELYS to each artist (11 in total) for participation. Check out the winning art below & support these artists by liking their pages and following their social media channels.

#1 Angel Free – Touching Base (11 000 ELYS)
This HeARTwork is inspired by the Depths and Heights that we are able to explore our Beings through the polarities of both thoughts and emotions. Instagram: @seematreedesigns

#2 David Cubbin/ Spirit Art – Two World’s (8000 ELYS)
This image came to me during my vipassana meditation…. “Two worlds” the elephant is symbolic of ancient wisdom…. The matriarch who knows all and follows ancient paths… While the dolphin is free and spontaneous in the moment with a childlike sense of wonder…. Their two worlds merge as one. Facebook: David Cubbin Wildlife Artist

#3 Beeanca – Eye of We (5000 ELYS)
When I am swept up into the current of confusion, the overwhelm of polarity projects a goowie lens of reality. I feel isolated in this experience, Eye remind myself that Eye am all the eyes, looking at myself, weirdly and wonderfully, to experience all my various aspects, the whole of this creation, for my own entertainment. And that brings ease to the balancing act in the polarities, that makes this perception of myself possible. Instagram: @bee_lief_