ELYS Token

Earn it, Stake it, Spend it, Save it, Gift it

The ELYS token is a:

~ Medium of exchange in the Elyseos ecosystem and beyond

~ Rewarding marketplace “liquidity”

~ Rewarding honest broking

~ Staked to ensure integrity of those in responsible roles

~ Used to back and launch interesting projects

~ Gifted to honor and include Wisdom holders

~ Supporting community and reducing survival stress

Money is a potent technology which humans are still coming into maturity with. Balancing needs and desires to become free from shame while consuming the right amount. Alchemising this is one of our most important tasks in our realm at this time.

Token Price

You can see the price of ELYS at Nomics or Spooky Swap and check out more details on the token at elys.money


You can buy ELYS on the Spooky Swap decentralised exchange. To buy ELYS you will need some FTM (Fantom), MetaMask installed, with the Fantom Opera network active on it. Read our Guidebook for more details.