Elyseos Equinox Art Contest

We are celebrating and acknowledging this September Equinox with our first invitation to Art - to dreaming creation. 

The emerging Metaverse built on light-speed technological tools offers so much promise of decentralisation and freedom and yet also could, if done without awareness, move us further from Nature and our inherent nature.  Equinox is the time of balancing and bridging day and night - at this turning through the Gates of Equality, we invite you to co-create!

In case you didn’t get it - we are having an art contest! 

This is the time of dreaming and we are welcoming submissions of:

~ Visual Art, digital or otherwise, stills & animation

~ Videos & photos of performance art, body art, dance, theatre

~ Written pieces of poetry or verse

~ Artful memes

~ Photographic and short film pieces

~ Music & Audio pieces

We ask you to Name your piece, and invite you to include the story of your inspiration/background commentary on your work.


~ 1st Prize 11 000 ELYS

~ 2nd Prize 8000 ELYS

~ 3rd Prize 5000 ELYS

~ 9 x Participatory Awards 1000 ELYS each!

All winning art (and some other artworks) will be invited to participate in the official Elyseos NFT collection. 

Guidelines and T’s & C’s: 

Submissions open on the Equinox - 22 September 2021, and close Full Moon, 20 October 2021 @midnight UTC. 

~ Please register by filling in the form below prior to submission.

~ Join our <Discord >, our <Telegram group>, follow us on <Twitter> & <Instagram>.  Note: Discord is most NB

~ Submit unique multimedia entries - visual art, music, dance, sculpture, poetry, photography etc. Songs and Videos max 3 min long.

~ Multiple entries are allowed.

~ All artwork must relate to the Equinox Theme: Balancing & Bridging Polarities

~ Only original artworks will be accepted.

~ Invite all your friends to participate, follow your progress, comment and co-create!

~ Submit via our discord channel #art-competitions and voila - you’re in! https://discord.gg/gY2WMAnBem

~ Please also share on our other channels

Twitter: @ElyseosFDN Telegram: @elyseos Instagram: @elyseos_art

~ After the end of the contest, we will shortlist artworks to be published for the community and DAO to select the winners. There are 12 prizes to be won - all 12 will be showcased and invited to mint an NFT and to be showcased in the Elyseos NFT Art Collection/Gallery. 

~ New to NFT’s? Check out the links below for more info:

Confused about NFTs? Here's all you need to know

Are NFTs The New Crypto? A Guide To Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens

Entries not matching ALL of the above mentioned criteria won’t be eligible for the contest, please check twice!